Inspiring Stories


My daughter, Mara, is enjoying her 4th session at Spotlight theatre summer camp and each week has been filled with fun and new friendships.

My husband and I look forward to the Friday ‘galas’ and I continue to be amazed at how much the children learn in such a short span of time. The songs and accompanying choreography as well as the scene performances put a smile on everyone’s face, as the collective pride exudes from both parents and kids. During one performance, I sat beside a fellow parent whose daughter had been bullied at school and struggles with low self-esteem. This mom had tears in her eyes as she watched her usually shy, reserved child stand in the front row alongside her camp-mates and belt out the song “Firework” with such gusto, as if she were ready to take on the world. It’s a moment I won’t soon forget.

The hugs that you and your team of amazing camp counsellors receive at the end of each day are testament to the work you do with these children in making them feel valued while fostering their creativity and encouraging their self expression through things like the Thursday talent shows and mask making.

The opportunity to participate in soccer, basketball, swimming, crafts, and games, makes Spotlight much more than a theatre camp, and ensures that every child has the chance to discover and explore a myriad of skills and interests.

Finally, I appreciate the fact that your camp provides a safe, nurturing, inclusive environment for a diverse array of children and families. Learning, developmental, emotional, and financial barriers are virtually non-existent at Spotlight Theatre camp.

Thank you for another rewarding summer of fun, creativity, and confidence building. We’ll be back next year with bells on!

Inspiring Story – Janice