Inspiring Stories


Just wanted to send you a big thank you for your contribution! My daughter attended your camp this week. Jessica is a very shy 9 year old, and very introverted. It is always difficult to sign her up for activities as she has a difficult time feeling like she fits in when participating to social activities. She is always very nervous and anxious about trying something new.

Every night this week, she has come home completely inspired, and absolutely loving every minute of your camp. She wants to sing for people, dance, and perform the theatre play you have worked so hard on. She couldn’t wait for the talent show to sing her song. You and your team have brought her out of her shell and have successfully been able to allow her to express herself in a fun and safe environment, where she is encouraged, and taught to believe in herself. This has contributed to raising her self-esteem and increased her self-confidence.

As a Mom, I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this. Thank you for running such a wonderful program and for the important work that you do. So much that she wants to attend a second week next week, and can’t wait to perform again!

Thank you to you and your wonderful team who makes all the children feel welcome, and feel like each one has an important part to play and to contribute. This is absolutely wonderful!!!

Inspiring Story – Sophie