Inspiring Stories


I’m so impressed with your patience and kindness as well as your family. I think the programs you run are extra special because of your gentle and caring manner, along with your amazing ability to connect with kids of all ages. The camp counsellors you have working with you all seem so well mannered and positive; it warms my heart to see that teenagers today can be good and kind people too. So much of my work deals with the negative side of people, it’s a breath of fresh air to see the generosity and kindness at your camp!

Robbyn seems to blossom when she’s at Spotlight camp! She’s less shy, more confident and really enjoys the dancing, singing and acting she does there. Usually she’s too shy to participate, however she feels more at ease at theatre camp and comfortable enough to take that step and be a part of the shows. I think you have an amazing program going and I hope it continues in the coming years!

Keep up the amazing work you do every day!!

Inspiring Story – Nancy